Procrastination, the Enemy of Motivation

This may just be me, but motivation, it seems, can be hard to come by. Staring into the face of essay titles that reflect historical trends, themes, ideas and time periods you never knew you could be so dis-interested in is a historical nuance, between what you thought you would study, and what you actually study.

In all fairness, closer observation of the course content would have alleviated some of this avid exasperation. However there is only so much information about a course any given institution will provide. What this means is that the darker corners of historical discourse will be in essence unavoidable, there will be in any course you take aspects which you do not enjoy. As with most things in life, you cannot have the good without the bad.

And it is here in which we find Procrastination, the compunction to do absolutely anything other than the task in hand. It is here that you reach a point of apathy, you re-tidy a room that was tided merely hours ago, you trawl the internet aimlessly without direction for anything that may distract you from the looming word count. You type countless amounts of words to anyone and everyone on Facebook, repeatedly find things to tweet and re-tweet only to realise you would now be finished if those words could somehow be translated across to your work.

It is at this point that I find myself in this very position. Struggling to motivate myself to analyse austerity in the 1950s, I have resorted to rambling. I go now to confront that wicked word Procrastination and finish my essay, print it off and hand it in before noon triumphantly and proudly, as if I was watching my first child stride through the doors of their first school, on their first day.


The Joys of Fifa 10

University is a time of intellectual expansion, extending your horizons, networking and an environment in which you meet (potentially) friends for life. And within this pursuit of forging life long connections there is one vital tool that should not be missing from any mans arsenal, Fifa 10. Ofcourse any Fifa game of any numerical persuasion is applicable, but in this case Fifa 10 was our platform.

Returning to my Halls of Residence after slogging it in the library for a grand total of five hours, not huge, but a sizeable commitment I had yet to display, I was challenged by my flat mate to “just a couple of games”, this was not to be just a couple. A plan was hatched, a few friendly games then we would part ways and continue our rigorous absorption of knowledge. We were both to start in the Coca Cola League Two, whoever lost was to be promoted gaining the upper hand, the man who got to international level and lost was to be proclaimed the loser.

It was on I won the first two games forcing my flat mate into the championship, I was soaring, on top of the world. My flat mate chose Newcastle but Notts County was not afraid, they had laid waste to all before them. He scored ……. its was early I could recover, 2 – 0 ….. it was still possible. The fifth goal nestled itself neatly at the back of my net, it was clear, I had lost, but Notts County remained undeterred, spirits and hopes crushed they marched on. In an act of pure defiance a glorious scissor kick reclaimed my dignity, that consolation goal reverberating around the virtual arena, I reveled in the support of my pixellated fans.

It was now on, I had finally been forced up to league two and into the bosom of Sheffield United. I returned in kind producing a soul-destroying 3-0 victory, my high returned, I was once again invincible, or so I thought. At the point of writing this we are now both into the Premiership, having being bested by Liverpool. The pressure is on, the once excitable atmosphere had been replaced with one of cold concentration. But alas we came to our senses, we cooked our meals and returned to our work, appreciating the complexities of our opponents dispositions that little bit more. Until we recommence our duel this epic bout remains to be concluded.

Who will be victorious? Only time will tell ……