Summer in the Sun

There is one easy way to enjoy a summer full of radiant sunshine, especially, if like me, you are British. The secret is to go abroad, leave behind the unpredictable and unforgiving British weather that we love to gripe about and fly, drive or sail to a country that has a more committed relationship with that great ball of gas in the sky.

And that is exactly what happened, a group of six of us , myself included, flew out to Zante (Zakynthos) for a week that promised to be full to the brim with frivolity and joyous occupations with Club 18-30. But this week was to be initially hampered by a two-hour delay departing from Gatwick. Alas we arrived, still filled with anticipation and now exhaustion, only to be pestered by our rep to purchase a two hundred and thirty euro package we could not live without. Having parted with the majority of our spending money we hit the pool.

This is what we had come for, glorious sunshine, cool water and a week of events that promised to provide the best nights out we could imagine. And for the most part it was delivered, two-hour free bars made up for the expense of the package, and at some points for the less then exciting themes for the nights (School Disco is done to death). The pool was ideal for a quick dip when it got too hot, or for a few games, the meals were well priced and the hotel reception was manned 24 hours a day, the benefit being they took your key when you went out so it could not be lost.

The perfect escape for a week, and whilst this might not be your ideal summer destination, although we did spend the day reading and relaxing, then there are plenty of places to soak up all that vitamin D. In short, camping trips don’t quite cut it any more, if you want a summer in the sun , even if it is only a weeks worth of summer, then grab your passport and jet set your way to a little happiness. I had an amazing week in great company, met some fantastic people and captured some memories that will stay with me for a long time. If that does not persuade you I don’t know what will, but if you do take my advice all I can say is: enjoy yourself ….. and don’t drink the tap water.


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