Obama or Romney

Its a simple decision, Romney is wrong for the world.

There is no sitting on the fence on this matter, despite claims from Romney that there is no difference between the candidates besides competence, in reality there is a vast difference between their policies and a vast difference in the futures they envisage for the USA.

Romney is aggressively pursuing a course that would set the States back years. In terms of Human Rights, he plans to ban abortion, even in cases of incest or rape. He plans to relax environmental constraints on businesses exacerbating climate change and global warming. Moreover Romney believes in order to keep the USA in competition with China employment laws would also need to be ‘relaxed’, casting, as some analyst have stated, the United States back to the nineteenth century.

Romney is also set on a plan to cut Government expenditure, packages such as the $787 billion relief fund pushed through Congress by Obama to tackle the United States struggling economy would be a thing of the past. It is packages like these that have led to the stable growth of the US economy over the past thirteen quarters, not exactly the failure the Republicans crow that it is.

But it only gets worse, another two huge issues arise with Romney’s policy direction. He wants to immediately repeal Obama’s Health Care bill, possibly the most valuable domestic achievement of his term in office. This turn would leave countless US citizens without any health care support. What is more, is that this will be coupled with a sizeable reduction in welfare provision if the Republican takes the Presidency. Whilst those on the right may be crying it is up to the individual to support themselves, get a job so that they can afford medical insurance, this is not possible if the Government of the country does not provide an environment in which the economy and job opportunities can grow. By cutting Government expenditure, which increasingly runs the risk of sending the US into a double dip recession, Romney will not just remove this environment, but hold the US citizenry to account for a situation far beyond their control.

Social inequality is a bugbear of liberal democratic institutions and feeds the apathy that many democratic countries face. Romney’s budgetary plans are aimed at redistributing wealth back to the rich, depriving the poor to an even greater extent. If the ascribed budget gets the go ahead those earning over $1 million will receive a thirty-seven percent tax cut, at the other end of the scale benefits to the poor would be cut up to a staggering sixty-seven percent. In a time of economic uncertainty this is a potential recipe for social unrest on a massive scale.

Secondly Romney wishes to pursue a more active form of Foreign Policy. What this means in reality is Romney will spend the promised $2 trillion on defence – this money will have to come from somewhere. There is a growing certainty war with Iran will ensue, a war the United States cannot afford, especially as it is still enthralled in other messy middle eastern conflicts.

Apathy with Obama’s term has arisen due to the restraints under which the President has had to act under. Obama has been attacked constantly over the previous four years by Republicans in Congress and the Senate. He has managed to stabilise the States creating and saving nearly three million jobs, increasing health provisions and providing the support that is expected from modern democratic institutions.


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