What Writing Means

I confess, I do not write as much as I believe I ought to. Writing means different things to different people, I would say writing encourages expression through diversity.

I write as a release, it clears my mind, emptying the maelstrom that often occupies my thoughts, here it presents a purpose. But I also write for the enjoyment of it, I am enveloped with a sense of fulfillment and achievement after I have written something. Whether that is simply what is on my mind, a short story, a poem or just my musings, as I am writing now.

However there is another darker side to putting pen to paper. It is daunting, the idea of sharing what you have written, the shadow of criticism haunts every word carefully selected, or thrown at the canvas. This often prevents the concoctions of syllables manipulated by a wordsmith from being shared.

I am, from now, setting about making a point of preventing this shadow from crippling my aspirations. Writing is almost a form of therapy for me, and one I wish to utilize to the fullest of extents.

What does writing mean to you ?