Sometimes the World can Leave you in a Daze.

Sometimes the World can leave you in a daze. It can be difficult to take in the magnitude of everything that surrounds us.

I choose not to put it as insignificant, we are all here to make our own impact. But that mark, that impact is so much infinitely smaller than we allow ourselves to comprehend, to believe even.

Sometimes the World can leave you in a daze. The world will just keep on spinning, as relentlessly as time will advanced, no matter how much we protest, not matter what moments we wish we could remain in. These moments are stolen from us by the very nature of progress. But only the moment is lost, the feeling will always remain, an eternal comfort, or an eternal curse.

Sometimes the World can leave you in a daze. Never ending is the fragility of passion, dreams, hope and love. We torment ourselves in the hope we will earn the right to live, succumb to our deepest desires. We fear the moments in which we are gripped by despair, moments in which the world is shattered, the moments that are unbearable, unforgivable, always we relish in the unforgettable.

Sometimes the World can leave you in a daze. Spiraling out of control, holding on tightly to threads you can no longer remember the meaning of.

Sometimes the World can leave you mesmerized, speechless, breathless, inspired.

Sometimes the World can leave you in a daze.




Our world is built upon a paradigm, survival of the fittest. This has been the guiding principle of evolution and nature since life first began to grace our little blue planet. It is hardwired within us, and in extreme circumstances it is not unheard of for primal instincts to take over. The urge to survive, the drive to live, self-preservation trumps negligible thoughts of morality when you lay stranded on a small life boat without and forseeable rescue.

I am not saying that I condone the actions undertaken by Dudley, I am merely expressing their primeval dominance in unparalleled situations of distress.

However there seems like, in this specific incident there was little that could have been done. Desperation prevailed. With no visible sign of rescue it would it not be worse to expect that all aboard the lifeboat die? Especially when a form of sustenance was available. The choice seems even clear when you consider the evidence. The men aboard the lifeboat must have reported that Parker was knocking on death’s door.

It kill him and cannibalise him sooner rather than later, to preserve his blood, again presents itself as a matter of necessity.

No two individuals will ever fully agree on this case. The argument will stem from your stanspoint on cannibalism. I am in no way an advocate of the practice, but what this challenge highlights is the strength of our desire to live, and go on.


Do you condone/think this course of action was write?

Possibility and Probability

UntitledIs anything impossible? Or is everything just a matter of probability?

From lightning striking twice, to finding a way into Narnia, can anyone really say anything is impossible? Or are they just improbable? Well, I will give you the likely hood of finding a way to a fictional realm is impossible, but, most things that you could imagine happening, I would argue, could happen. I have no doubt anyone reading this now could reel off numerous examples of situations and events that would be deemed impossible. But just because we have not seen it happen, it does not mean it can not or will not happen.

What do we know for certain after all?

What we think we know is more often than not induced rather than being deduced. What I mean to say is most of what we think we know is based on causal relationships and experience. We assume the Sun will rise tomorrow because it rose the day before and the day before that. But this is not in any way guaranteed, it is not impossible that the sun will not rise tomorrow, but it is highly improbable. It is through induction rather than deduction we believe we know the sun will rise.

Similarly, when you hit a snooker ball with a cue, you expect it to react and move in a certain way, because it has time and time again. But this is only a causal relationship, whilst it is improbable, it is not impossible that next time you hit that ball it’ll shoot off to the right or backwards.

This philosophical debate can be applied to your everyday life. Those things you think are impossible to do can’t be. It may be improbable at one time or another, but probability can always be effected by external factors. You can always change circumstance, nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. I know I have found your biggest enemy is yourself, the more you over think something, the less likely you are to do it.

I’m not always sure where these musing are leading, but I think it is important that people know probability trumps possibility.



A word that strikes fear into any University student, a 10,000 word project written, researched and developed solely by one person , you.

The reality of this undertaking is becoming all to real, having attended a second year History meeting recently, it was pointed out to us the next half of this academic year will draw much of our focus towards the planning of these titans.

In the next week or so we will be embarking upon the first steps of this process, meeting with our personal tutors to discuss our ideas. Some may already have an exact plan and a question waiting to throw to the mercy of their tutor’s questioning. Others may only have a vague idea of areas that interest them, both are more that okay.

What is needed now is to convert this fear and dread into excitement and enthusiasm. From what I’ve been told, I will be eating these word this time next year, but I’m hoping against this. In a sense I am excited about writing such a body of work, one aspect that has truly captured my imagination came from my tutor. She told me one of the greatest joys of composing a dissertation is becoming an expert in the field you choose to study. Whether this it true or not, I will find out in time, but it certainly caught my attention.

Daily Prompt – This Is Your Life

This Is Your Life859675_book___

Given the option to read my past and future would be an exciting possibility. There is a catch though, to read what you have done, you must read what you are going to do.

Does that mean our lives are already written out in the pages of a novel? Somewhere someone can flick through our lives just as we flick through a catalogue or Yellow Pages. A strange idea. And an altogether unpleasant one, I personally have never ascribed to a sense of determinism. I do not like the idea my life is already mapped out and that I am just walking the line between two points, the beginning and the end.

If life is so predetermined, it would remove any sense of adventure, any sense of purpose and control. Life is meant to be written not read. We make our own decision, so we can learn from our mistakes and relish in our accomplishments, a fact that is diminished if you know what is coming.

On a slightly more morbid note, I find, often people do not want like to be reminded of their own mortality, a matter that would reside permanently scratching at your consciousness, knowing how and when you were to meet you end is one thing I could certainly do without knowing.

An Adventure of the Mind



Reading offers an escape from an often harsh reality. The adventures that can be undertaken are only limited by the scope of your imagination, the possibilities are beyond infinite, and that in itself is true magic.

Becoming a wordsmith, a master of language, grants you the ability to transport and enable these adventures for others, a gift that ought to be shared. Words have the ability to lift you from the darkest of places and leave you soaring, weaving between cliffs, diving through clouds. They have the ability to instill you with burning passion, renew your faith, grip you with a captivating tension. They can leave you breathless, demand your every attention and leave you wanting more.

Crafting a story is a burning desire of mine, but I face a monumental task, starting alone presented a mountainous hurdle. Were to start? What will happen? Why will it happen? Who will it happen to? These question loom over any writer, the weaving of a complex tale is an ambitious undertaking and only a few make it to the lofty heights we all aspire to.

But inspiration lies in wait around every corner, and what lies ahead is a blank canvas that can be filled with anything that could possible be devised or conjured, a tantalizing window of opportunity and possibility.

I have said before that writing, my musings, are a release, the emptying of my mind, and I hope one day to turn that all into something tangible, into a world people can escape to.

After Motivation Comes Momentum



The egg laid by the Golden Goose. Once you pick up motivation you grant yourself momentum, and once you get the ball rolling you are unstoppable. Whether this means you finish that essay that has been driving you to the point of insanity, or whether this means that the run you keep telling yourself you will always go on has now become a regularity and not a chore.

Momentum is a reward and a promise to ourselves to keep going, it is an achievement and one that rightly fills us with such a sense, as well as pride and fulfillment. It can be difficult to obtain, but then again so is anything worth having. You have to fight for it, just as you fought for that special girl (or guy), just as you fought for that promotion, that which you deem to be important and worth fighting for.

Now, it is often said that life is nothing but a struggle, a daily grind we all must begrudgingly endure, and some will say this is pessimistic, others will just state that they are realists. And whilst there is some truth to this often uphill struggle, it is up to us to defy gravity, gather momentum and roll up a hill rather than down one. A strange idea granted, but an important one.

We are defined by the actions we choose, will you choose to lie down and let the world push you down the proverbial mountain? Or are you going to sprint to the top?