After Motivation Comes Momentum



The egg laid by the Golden Goose. Once you pick up motivation you grant yourself momentum, and once you get the ball rolling you are unstoppable. Whether this means you finish that essay that has been driving you to the point of insanity, or whether this means that the run you keep telling yourself you will always go on has now become a regularity and not a chore.

Momentum is a reward and a promise to ourselves to keep going, it is an achievement and one that rightly fills us with such a sense, as well as pride and fulfillment. It can be difficult to obtain, but then again so is anything worth having. You have to fight for it, just as you fought for that special girl (or guy), just as you fought for that promotion, that which you deem to be important and worth fighting for.

Now, it is often said that life is nothing but a struggle, a daily grind we all must begrudgingly endure, and some will say this is pessimistic, others will just state that they are realists. And whilst there is some truth to this often uphill struggle, it is up to us to defy gravity, gather momentum and roll up a hill rather than down one. A strange idea granted, but an important one.

We are defined by the actions we choose, will you choose to lie down and let the world push you down the proverbial mountain? Or are you going to sprint to the top?


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