An Adventure of the Mind



Reading offers an escape from an often harsh reality. The adventures that can be undertaken are only limited by the scope of your imagination, the possibilities are beyond infinite, and that in itself is true magic.

Becoming a wordsmith, a master of language, grants you the ability to transport and enable these adventures for others, a gift that ought to be shared. Words have the ability to lift you from the darkest of places and leave you soaring, weaving between cliffs, diving through clouds. They have the ability to instill you with burning passion, renew your faith, grip you with a captivating tension. They can leave you breathless, demand your every attention and leave you wanting more.

Crafting a story is a burning desire of mine, but I face a monumental task, starting alone presented a mountainous hurdle. Were to start? What will happen? Why will it happen? Who will it happen to? These question loom over any writer, the weaving of a complex tale is an ambitious undertaking and only a few make it to the lofty heights we all aspire to.

But inspiration lies in wait around every corner, and what lies ahead is a blank canvas that can be filled with anything that could possible be devised or conjured, a tantalizing window of opportunity and possibility.

I have said before that writing, my musings, are a release, the emptying of my mind, and I hope one day to turn that all into something tangible, into a world people can escape to.


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