Daily Prompt – This Is Your Life

This Is Your Life859675_book___

Given the option to read my past and future would be an exciting possibility. There is a catch though, to read what you have done, you must read what you are going to do.

Does that mean our lives are already written out in the pages of a novel? Somewhere someone can flick through our lives just as we flick through a catalogue or Yellow Pages. A strange idea. And an altogether unpleasant one, I personally have never ascribed to a sense of determinism. I do not like the idea my life is already mapped out and that I am just walking the line between two points, the beginning and the end.

If life is so predetermined, it would remove any sense of adventure, any sense of purpose and control. Life is meant to be written not read. We make our own decision, so we can learn from our mistakes and relish in our accomplishments, a fact that is diminished if you know what is coming.

On a slightly more morbid note, I find, often people do not want like to be reminded of their own mortality, a matter that would reside permanently scratching at your consciousness, knowing how and when you were to meet you end is one thing I could certainly do without knowing.


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