A word that strikes fear into any University student, a 10,000 word project written, researched and developed solely by one person , you.

The reality of this undertaking is becoming all to real, having attended a second year History meeting recently, it was pointed out to us the next half of this academic year will draw much of our focus towards the planning of these titans.

In the next week or so we will be embarking upon the first steps of this process, meeting with our personal tutors to discuss our ideas. Some may already have an exact plan and a question waiting to throw to the mercy of their tutor’s questioning. Others may only have a vague idea of areas that interest them, both are more that okay.

What is needed now is to convert this fear and dread into excitement and enthusiasm. From what I’ve been told, I will be eating these word this time next year, but I’m hoping against this. In a sense I am excited about writing such a body of work, one aspect that has truly captured my imagination came from my tutor. She told me one of the greatest joys of composing a dissertation is becoming an expert in the field you choose to study. Whether this it true or not, I will find out in time, but it certainly caught my attention.


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