Possibility and Probability

UntitledIs anything impossible? Or is everything just a matter of probability?

From lightning striking twice, to finding a way into Narnia, can anyone really say anything is impossible? Or are they just improbable? Well, I will give you the likely hood of finding a way to a fictional realm is impossible, but, most things that you could imagine happening, I would argue, could happen. I have no doubt anyone reading this now could reel off numerous examples of situations and events that would be deemed impossible. But just because we have not seen it happen, it does not mean it can not or will not happen.

What do we know for certain after all?

What we think we know is more often than not induced rather than being deduced. What I mean to say is most of what we think we know is based on causal relationships and experience. We assume the Sun will rise tomorrow because it rose the day before and the day before that. But this is not in any way guaranteed, it is not impossible that the sun will not rise tomorrow, but it is highly improbable. It is through induction rather than deduction we believe we know the sun will rise.

Similarly, when you hit a snooker ball with a cue, you expect it to react and move in a certain way, because it has time and time again. But this is only a causal relationship, whilst it is improbable, it is not impossible that next time you hit that ball it’ll shoot off to the right or backwards.

This philosophical debate can be applied to your everyday life. Those things you think are impossible to do can’t be. It may be improbable at one time or another, but probability can always be effected by external factors. You can always change circumstance, nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. I know I have found your biggest enemy is yourself, the more you over think something, the less likely you are to do it.

I’m not always sure where these musing are leading, but I think it is important that people know probability trumps possibility.


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