Reclaiming the Day



This may come to no surprise to some. Being a student it is often assumed that I will often famously fall out with morning and refuse to rise for it. Unfortunately I am very guilty of this, I have a terrible relationship with morning.

Nine times out of Ten this is not personal, I do not harbor any particular resentment towards mornings, sometimes I am hungover, and others, it is just a reflection of my appalling relationship with sleep.

Each incident is focused on me. And I am now officially launching my mission to reclaim the day. On the rare occasion I have risen early, I have been very aware of all that can be accomplished in a day, how less groggy and moody I am, this is where I want to be.

There are many obstacles in the way, my terrible sleeping habits, or lack there of, but mostly I am driven by a fear of being involved, something I am working on. There are issue embedded deep within my persona I am battling to overcome, this will take time, but ultimately, I will triumph.


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