The Plight of Same Sex Marriage


On Monday the 20th of May the House of Parliament will debate the issue of same-sex marriage. Is there really much left to debate? Is this really a matter of Religion? Or is it just an issue of Equality? Will the world end? Will your God turn his back on our little planet if same-sex partners are granted the right of marriage that is so coveted?

The answer is simple. NO. The debate is archaic in nature, it is not a matter of morals or ethics but an adverse reaction to progress, change and acceptance. The more potent question is what impact will same-sex marriage have on our day-to-day lives? Again there is a simple answer to this question. NONE. If two men, or women, are wed, it will not effect your life in any manner, you likely will never hear about these marriages, you will never meet these people, it poses no threat to your way of life.

Around the world same-sex marriage has found its way, rightfully I might add, into legislation. The Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal and most recently France, to name a few, have openly legislated in favor of equality and against unnecessary discrimination. This flurry of fourteen countries have championed the common cause of civil rights and human liberties since 2001 highlighting the global change in attitudes towards homosexuality. It is almost incomprehensible that in this day and age same-sex partners must still suffer such unwarranted  prejudice.

The political institutions of the United Kingdom, in this debate, are presenting themselves as a backward and inflexible. It presents itself and an unequal illiberal democracy out of touch with the beliefs and perceptions of its citizens. If the proposed bill does not pass into law, I will have lost my already shaken faith in this British government.


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