Ain’t Nothing To Do But To Do It

I was given a good bit advice by one of my university tutors recently. It’s simple, so simple it may seem pointless to write about it. He said something along the lines of: the only way to get good at writing is to write.

I know, I’ve rendered you speechless, it draws parallels with being hit in the face by a freight train, no? Why had no one though of this before? Of course you have thought of it before, so have I, it’s terribly obvious. But as he pointed out, the fact of the matter is that this simple fact is overlooked somewhat, especially by students. After all why should writing a blog post help me write a better history essay? For example.

But then again isn’t that obvious? Perhaps it will help with my presentation, sentence structure, punctuation and how I phrase things. Syntax, fluidity and impact, these are the things that take practice. They call for a diligent level of rehearsal to command and in turn apply to any form of written communication.

And so here I am, attempting to enrich my capacity to write, engage and entertain. Expanding my mind, in a sense, opening my imagination, in a sense. Well what I mean by that is I have harbored the desire to write a story, about what and where, I do not yet know, but perhaps committing to this idea will enable me to write more effectively in the realm of academia? That is yet to be seen. What I do need now though is the confidence to write absolutely anything about anything, and the confidence to write often, something I believe I am starting acquire.

So, to that end, watch this space.


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