To the Next Step

So having boldly stated my intentions: to write more, I thought I would try something I have never done before. I am going to attempt to write an interactive story. The one small hiccup being you need a good few people to read what you write for this to occur. As it stands this will likely be a tailor-made story for my self-professed number one fan …. my older brother.


Here is to hoping that is not the case. Hopefully, as this story evolves, I may attract a growing number of people to the workings of my, at times, over active imagination. Hints, tips, criticisms and interaction are all encouraged in the near future when I get this off the ground.


I am going to restrict the genre to fantasy or Sci-fi, I know them better than any others and I am more comfortable within those realms. But there are a few things that do need to be decided, they are as follows:


Sci-fi or Fantasy?

Hero or Heroine?

Orphan living on the streets or Son/Daughter of a rich high-born family?


Hopefully I will get a few answers to the questions posed. If not, I’ll choose and start the adventure. The first installment will be arriving shortly.



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