Something to Write

So, as per, I have not written anything in a long time. But suddenly, at a completely unreasonable time of the night, the urge strikes me. This urge is utterly unbearable, yet I have nothing to write about.

And so it becomes, I write, but I write nothing. At least nothing of any importance, or of any interest.


There have been some changes to my life that I can mention. Border line life changing, in a sense, for myself at the very least. These may not seem big to anyone else. But no one else is me.

I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety, both to varying degrees. This is something I have been trying to combat, and it seems that I have taken to the battlefield with a measure of success. It started with little victories, harmless things, like making idle chat with cashiers. I know, hardly terrifying, but to me, it was close. It is a pretty uplifting experience to realise that what you have to say is not as worthless as you had always thought. So to that end, I guess this ramble is worth more than I may give it credit for.

Also, I’ve tried my very best to adopt a much more positive attitude to pretty much everything. Pessimism is not enjoyable, and, for the most part, is ultimately useless. It is a complete drain. I have found that once you get over the first hurdle, it require a lot more energy and effort to remain so negative. It seems the world, and the people in it, aren’t as against me as I once thought.


These are small revelations, but for me, they amount to something a whole lot more.


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