My Next Adventure!

It is official! This May I will be flying halfway around the world to China, more specifically Shanghai, to teach English for a year. To say that I am both nervous and excited is just a bit of an understatement. After all there is only so much reading can prepare you for, and it is a fair old distance from home.

But enough of all that, how did I get to this point I hear you ask? The process (so far) has been fairly straightforward and uncomplicated. After graduating from university I decided I would embark upon a year (or more) abroad, you know to expand my horizons, find myself, discover what I want to do with the rest of my life and experience the world etc. Shanghai was always pretty up there on my shortlist of places to go, aided, of course, by the current residency of my aunt and uncle. It’s a pretty nifty way to visit some family, wouldn’t you agree? Locale settled, next I simply applied to Eastland Recruiting, who put me in touch with Kid Castle in Shanghai, a few interviews here and there and what do you know, I had a job offer. Oh and there was the small matter of doing a 120 hour TEFL course, we must not forget about that.

Now the teaching part, why teaching? Well that decision was a little less straightforward, although it hardly constituted the need for words like complicated, perplexing or perhaps difficult, if difficult could indeed apply at all. I was faced with that aged old question: What am I going to do next/with my life? Depending upon how dramatic you feel. The answer to which, is never a simple or an easy one. I had, once or twice before, considered the noble profession of teaching, shaping the young minds of the future. But I could never bring myself to commit. Now I am presented with the perfect opportunity to test myself and test whether teaching is for me, or more accurately, if I’ll be any good at it. Other than that I have always been more academically minded and I have, more often than not, assisted or tried to assist anyone who has asked me with English and essays and all such wonderful things. It is just in my nature to try to help (maybe a little too much at times).

So here I am, convinced my future, no, my destiny lies in wait in the East …. watch this space!


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