Celestial Bodies – Full Moon, Half Moon, an Almost Total Eclipse

An eclipse is always a marvel. A true reminder of our place in the universe and our place in our solar system. The movement of these monumental celestial bodies, something we have no hope of effecting, is nothing if not humbling.

I have always found them utterly fascinating and a little magical. The 20th of March (2015) was no different. To the roaring back drop of crying disappointment experienced by many, I was granted a fourth row seat in a dark and crowded theatre behind an audience of giants.

Eclipse 20th March 2015
Eclipse 20th March 2015

I too was faced with an unyielding blanket of shifting grey, except for one small difference, a brilliant scar of white light indicating that the sun was in fact out there. My eyes were fixed to that dazzling scar. Occasionally I was rewarded with a break, a chance to see an event I had been hotly anticipating. Ecstatic is how I’d have described myself, if anyone had asked, elated, even overwhelmed. Through a little break in the sky I was able to witness one of nature’s greatest shows.

It is events such as these that challenge and inspire me, force me to question. The next awe inspiring event is happening sooner than you might think, the 15th of April to be exact: http://www.iflscience.com/space/total-lunar-eclipse-tetrad-begins-april-15 . Perhaps this time we’ll all get a better view.


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