My First Week of Training 

Teaching is like nothing I have ever experienced before. This simple statement became the over-riding theme of my first week of training.

The initial couple of days were simple enough. Arrive at the Head Office by this time, we will be talking about cultural differences and looking at the broad strokes of lesson planning, etc.  And to be fair, the first couple of days at my training school were also pretty simple, observing lessons and taking notes.

The building housing said Head Office

Towards the end of the week however, my nerves began to build. I would be standing in front a pack of kids, ready and eagerly awaiting their chance to drag me to my knees. Or so I thought. As it turns out I actually quite enjoyed it. Although I’m not 100% comfortable with it all just yet, running the warm-ups and later the presentation portions wasn’t half bad. In fact it might not be so inappropriate to say I took to it pretty well! Like a duck to some very murky water.

The kids responded to me, they do seem to enjoy watching the Laowai dancing around and making a fool of himself in the hope they’ll pick up a word or two. They played the games I ran, they remembered the words I taught. (A very proud moment)  I managed to prevent the classes from descending into complete chaos, just about. Which suffice to say was an added bonus. Classroom management it seems, and indeed lessons/ lesson planning are one thing on paper, but are completely different in practice. 

So to sum up, so far so good. The real test(s) will come in the next day(s) or so, in which I will be handed the reins for a half and then a full class. Total and unbridled control. That’s a little terrifying. There’s so much that could go wrong and it would be all my fault! PMA! PMA, keep those positive vibes. Don’t let them smell your fear.

But yes, it’s been a positive experience, which I am awfully glad about, the idea of working in a job you despise or detest for a year would be abhorrent. (Pretty strong words I know, but they just role off the tongue so exquisitely) 

Roll on this week!



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