My New School

So, the next step. The first week at my new school, the school I’ll be teaching at for the next year. My first impression were mixed, the school occupies two floors, the first and second (not the ground), of a building which also hosts a hotel. A little hidden, but not impossible to find. The other teachers and staff have been nothing but kind and hospitable, showing me the ropes and where to find what I need to find.

The content of the week itself was a little disorganized, although I’m not sure the severity of the word is justified; muddled perhaps. I wasn’t always sure if I was supposed to be teaching, and once I was thrown into a lesson a few minutes before it started. Which turned out to be a little less daunting than I had imagined it would be. If you have classroom management sorted, it seems, the pauses between activities are often overlooked or forgiven by the kids. The breathing room was almost definitely a necessity.

I ended up teaching more than I was promised. But that’s certainly not a bad thing, just a little more experience to calm the nerves. On the topic of nerves, the most I have experienced so far in my new role definitely gravitated around the Open House I took. For anyone wondering, in this case an Open House is a demonstration lesson, in which you are expected to perform a routine to children and their parents, in the hope they’ll sign up to the curriculum. Mine went fairly well, it was perhaps a little rushed, but all the content was covered and the kids had a good time. In the end, all you need to do is play the fool a little, if the kids are laughing and the parents are laughing, well … full steam ahead. A little more practice and it’ll all be under my belt.

To the next week then, I’ll be taking a few classes and shadowing the man I’ll be replacing. From then on out the classes will be mine. A prospect that scares me less and less as I progress.

To the next week then.


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