Asian Impressions

Don’t get too excited, this isn’t what you think. Below, you won’t find a video highlight real of my best impressions of Asian celebrities. Instead what you’ll find is where my head is at after a few months living in China, and more specifically Shanghai.

First off it’s  worth mentioning, if only briefly, the comedy inherent in translation. Shanghai in its nature is a very international city, catering to many cultures and languages. Most signs, for example, are presented in both Chinese and English. Leading to moments such as this one:

Something that makes me chuckle from time to time.

Now about the people. It’s become apparent that the Chinese are very blunt, very direct and often don’t mean any offence when they approach you just to tell you your hair looks weird today, or that you are too tall. I am often treated with complete indifference, intensely started at, or if I travel to an area with fewer foreigners, I am treated almost like a celebrity. An interesting experience in and of itself!

The longer I am here the more the country grows on me, although it is hard to place a specific reason. The Country itself is beautiful, and I’m starting to aclimatise. The initial heat gave way to the plum rains (a brief rainy season that signals the start of summer). But now the average temperature is hitting around 33 degrees I’m starting to suffer slightly. I’ll say this at least, I’ve never experienced sweat or humidity like I have over here.

I’m fully settled into my school and the job. Although each day can through up all kinds of challenges, it certainly keeps you on your toes. I’ve been observed a few times by varying degrees of people in charge of me and parents, and I’m safe in th knowledge that at the very least I won’t be fired. For the most part the kids are great, although they can have their days. But don’t we all. 

Most of the things that initially stuck out as different or odd have now all but sank into the background. Except of course the language, I have a few words but really need to commit to learning it. I’ve been told I have an ear for it, but I’ve never had the head for language, other than my own.

I’m looking forward to the future and the rest of my time in China!